Pawley's Island

More than just a beach...

Dining, shopping, biking, swimming, and golfing are all within reach!

A lot of people love this beautiful piece of the island for all that it offers. People who have visited the Pawleys Island claim that a wide sandy beach and a pleasing ocean naturally set their mood. Their blood pressures get low when they experience the beauty of enchanting Pawleys Island.


There are a lot more attractive places to visit in Pawleys Island. For example, here you can enjoy world-class sculpture gardens, extraordinary restaurants to have an extra fine dining experience, shops, the great outdoors, including beaches, resorts, live music festivals, and golf courses. Hence, it proves to be a perfect summer resort where you can not only enjoy natural beauty but can feel the waves of the ocean as well. All these places of Pawleys Island are so much attractive that families continue to visit it after every year!


Once you have spent time in the natural beauty of the island, it is time to discover its shopping and dining possibilities. Here, you can find everything from clothes and shoes to local artwork in a unique selection of small shops so you can take something unique to your home.

Not only this, but the island has some great restaurants and cafes that may offer you a fine dining experience. You can also enjoy live shows or dance at the Carolina Opry – famous for performing arts theatre in Myrtle Beach.


Pawleys Island is also a place for the top-notch gardens and fairways, so we can say that there is no shortage of attraction for you in Pawleys Island. A day at the island’s gardens is well worth the time.